Mister E (Live) - Nischay Parekh w/ Jivraj Singh

A lot of people have been asking when a new Weekend Project will be out. Well, here it is. It has taken a while as work from other areas have totally overpowered me, this being the festival season and all, but, working over a few months, this video might be my favorite one in a while.

Shot in May, interspersed with footage from over the country (all thanks to Naman), this video hopefully goes away from the live video space (which we’ve done before) and becomes something that’s a little more.

Serial collaborator Naman Saraiya has this to add, “The idea behind shooting this was mostly just to keep the idea of the Your Chin video vibe going, with one camera and nothing else. However, after sitting on it for a long time - and with several other unused footage from Calcutta, Goa, Darjeeling, and whatever else you may remember to add here. Plus, at then, the idea of creating a live video with a different twist to it seemed like a good idea.”

Direct, Vimeo link for videophiles: https://vimeo.com/76809618